Smart phones

Technology including smartphones is changing the way we as contractors interact with you our customers, our suppliers, and each other. We can access equipment details on-site and arm ourselves with useful information. 20 years ago parts were more generic and easy to stock. Now with a hundred different furnace or toilet brands, it becomes impossible to carry every part.

Introduce the Smartphone. You can now snap a photo of the leak, or the control, or anything that would help us understand their problem better. Send it to us and get our opinion before we come. This helps us better prepare for your job, saving time and money. When we are on the phone with you, sometimes a few details can get lost in translation. For example, that metal turny thingy is a ball valve, and the humming red bell you’re describing I think is a pump. So again, pictures can help break down the barrier.

Smartphones are also good for putting Butler Plumbing on speed dial. 780-432-3947. We value all of our customer’s input and always love hearing from you.

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