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Our toilets are essential daily fixtures, and anyone who has faced issues like clogs or leaks understands the inconvenience they bring. Preventing toilet problems from escalating into major headaches is a wise move. A common problem we’ve seen before: a toilet with a small leak, allowing water to sneak from the tank into the bowl.

You’d hear a noise every ten minutes as the fill valve refilled the tank. Although the water was just going down the drain, this tiny leak caused a big headache when the toilet got clogged and wouldn’t drain properly. Because the leak wasn’t fixed, water ended up on the floor, soaking into cabinets, baseboards, and drywall. Not a pleasant situation at all.

For your toilet plumbing requirements, rely on the expertise of our dedicated team of plumber toilet specialists. We handle all aspects, from repairs to installations, with precision and care, ensuring your toilet functions flawlessly.

Choosing the Right Toilet:

If you’re in the market for a new toilet installation, it’s essential to understand your options with expert toilet plumbers. Below are the some available options to consider:

Bowl Shape: Manufacturers offer round or elongated bowls. Elongated bowls, extending about 2 inches more to the front, might be preferable for larger bathrooms, while round bowls are space-efficient, ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Bowl Height: Regular height toilets typically have a bowl height of 14”-15”, while Comfort Height or ADA-compliant toilets boast a height range of 16”-19”. Comfort Height toilets are gaining popularity for their ease of use, especially for those who find a slightly elevated seat more comfortable.

Tank Design: Consider low-profile tanks or one-piece toilets, especially if you have a counter or shelf above the toilet. Ensure proper dimensions and access for maintenance before making a purchase.

Slow Close Seats: Upgrade to a slow-close seat for a touch of luxury, which is particularly beneficial in households with children. This feature prevents the lid from slamming down, ensuring a gentler and quieter closing mechanism.

Flush Options: Opt for dual-flush toilets that allow you to choose between a low-flow flush for liquids (typically 0.8 gpf) and a regular flush for solids (1.6 gpf). Alternatively, explore newer high-efficiency models with 1.28 gpf or 1.1 gpf.

Pressure-Assist Units: For those dealing with frequent clogs, toilets with pressure-assist units provide additional force during the flush, utilizing stored water pressure.

Trusted Toilet Brands:

Butler Plumbing supplies and recommends top-notch brands like Contrac, American Standard, Western, Toto, and Kohler for reliable and efficient toilet solutions.

How Butler Can Assist:

Count on Butler Plumbing for a range of toilet-related services:

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