Gas Leak Experts in Edmonton

Butler Plumbing & Heating has a team of gas line leak experts in Edmonton. Gas line leaks are a serious matter with potentially harmful consequences. As a result, issues relating to your gas line should be handled by our specially trained technicians. We have specialized servicemen who can safely resolve any gas fitting issues safely and efficiently.

We’re Edmonton’s best-kept secret! We have never lost sight of our commitment to the Edmonton community. This includes prompt service and a high level of customer satisfaction with a personal touch. Don’t forget, as a local business, we’re familiar with the gas systems that still exist in many local Edmonton homes!

If you have a gas line leak emergency, you can count on Butler Plumbing for 24/7 service, including weekends, to respond quickly and get there as fast as we can. Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today for all your gas fitting needs!

What are Gas Line Leaks?

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous problems to occur in any home, and if you suspect you have one, the first thing you should do is call a qualified plumber. Gas lines provide an uninterrupted supply of gas to your hot water heater, furnace, dryer, stove-top and in some cases, a fireplace. To keep your family safe, proper maintenance is of vital importance. A gas leak can cause a fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning and for that reason, we don’t recommend homeowners work with gas lines as a DIY project.

Gas leaks are usually caused by faulty or poorly fitted appliances that haven’t been properly maintained and usually, the gas escapes from the hose that leads into the appliance.

It is important to use a licensed technician for any work related to gas lines. Contact Butler Plumbing today to fix any gas leak problem!

How to Deal With a Gas Line Leak

If you smell rotten eggs in your home, you may likely have a dangerous gas leak.

Follow these emergency procedures:

  1. Turn off the gas supply at the meter.
  2. Open all the windows and doors in order to get fresh air circulating through the home.
  3. Avoid using any light switches, or anything electronic, including your cell phone.
  4. Do not smoke or use matches.
  5. Leave your home if any of the windows are locked.
  6. Call a licensed plumber –Butler Plumbing is available 24/7 for any emergency.

Gas Leak Test

Gas leak testing is important preventative maintenance. Air is pumped into the entire gas system to ensure there are no leaks or faulty lines. Repeated tests are performed to ensure your home is safe, and we fully test and tag new piping systems.

Gas Leak Detection

The first line of defense is to identify the source of the problem and we have the right equipment to detect the leak (or faulty line). Not only do we isolate the location of a leak, we will check all the appliance fittings to make sure no other problems exist. You can count on Butler Plumbing to keep your home safe.

Gas Leak Repair

Do not try to troubleshoot or fix a gas leak yourself – not only is it dangerous, you could also make the problem worse. If you suspect you have a gas leak problem, call Butler Plumbing immediately!

At Butler Plumbing we like to educate our customers, and during a scheduled visit, we are happy to provide you with important safety tips and information about the gas lines that run throughout your home.

We are here to help. Click here to learn more about gas line leaks and repairs

Why Should You Choose Butler Plumbing?

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.  Butler Plumbing’s team of dependable gas line leak experts consists of professional technicians who are ready to help you keep your gas fitting systems running perfectly, no matter what the season.

Whether it’s a small repair or an emergency, you can always count on us.

If your gas fitting was improperly installed or has become damaged or compromised, then it needs to be replaced immediately. Our technicians are available 24-7 for emergency services as well as any high-quality gas fitting installation services to protect you from the dangers of a gas leak.

Realizing that there’s an issue with your gas fitting is an upsetting and emotional experience, but knowing that a team of qualified professionals is just a phone call away can make a world of difference during a stressful situation. Our team of specialized experts are available for 24-7 emergency service to deliver the gas fitting repairs you need, when you need them.