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An emergency eyewash station is an essential piece of safety equipment in many buildings. This includes every laboratory, school, hotel, or workplace that uses chemicals and hazardous substances including many retail and commercial businesses. In addition, eye-wash stations are often required by OSHA.

Keep your workers safe with an emergency eyewash station. The experienced technicians at Butler Plumbing can walk you through the process of choosing the best equipment for your eyewash station, whether it’s a stationary or portable model.

We also help maintain your eyewash station so that it’s ready for use in the event of an emergency.

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Why You Should Install a Safety Eyewash Station

A safety eyewash station is important for the health and safety of workers in environments with high rates of dust or potential exposure to chemicals. Other work areas that may require an eye-flush station can include:

An emergency eyewashing station provides immediate, on-the-spot decontamination. The first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance, especially a corrosive substance, are critical. Delaying treatment, even for a few seconds, may cause serious injury because they allow workers to flush away hazardous substances that can cause injury.

If you are unsure whether or not your business requires an emergency eyewashing station, do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable technicians can go over all of the eyewash station requirements so you can make the most informed decision to best protect your workers.

There are several types of eyewashing stations available for installation. To be the most effective, your eye-flush station must be easily accessible. Therefore, it’s recommended that a person be able to reach the station in 10 seconds or less.

This means that you need to choose a station that will be very easy for an injured worker to access, considering they might not have use of their sight. Once you have decided on the ideal location for your eyewash station, be sure to clearly mark it so that all employees know where it is always located.

Types of Eyewashing Stations:

In addition, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety further recommends that the eye station is located as close to the hazard as possible and not be blocked by any type of partition. It is also important to ensure that the station is near an emergency exit to ensure easy access for first respondents if required.

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Portable Eyewash Stations and Self-Contained Eyewash Stations

Portable eyewash stations are great for areas where a stationary eyewash station will not work. However, self-contained eyewash stations have a limited amount of fluid available at one time. As a result, maintenance for portable eyewash stations is critical to ensure that the unit is fully charged at all times.

These eyewash stations also require ongoing maintenance of the flushing solution to make sure that they do not develop bacteria over time. Because of this, it is important to monitor the shelf life of the solution and replace the solution when it has expired.

We always recommend installing a stationary eyewash station wherever possible, so be sure to check with us first to make sure you are aware of all your options!

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Inspection and Maintenance

With something as important as an eyewash station, you want to make sure that it is fully operational at all times. Preventative maintenance and regular inspections will ensure that your station is fully functional when an emergency happens.

Our technicians will check for problems like valve leakage, clogged openings and lines, and adequacy of the fluid volume. Make sure to keep a record of when your station was last inspected so you can be sure to keep on top of scheduling routine maintenance calls.

Let Butler Plumbing be your trusted maintenance provider. Keep your workers safe and reduce workplace hazards.

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At Butler Plumbing, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Because an eyewash station is so important, you want to know you’re working with certified professionals that have your best interest at heart. All our work is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that your job is in the right hands.

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