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Water leaks are incredibly inconvenient. They waste water, which over time will cost you money. They can also lead to damage as flooding and serious leaks will ruin flooring and other structural components in your home. When a pipe ruptures, it can seem like a nightmare. Thankfully the leak detection experts at Butler Plumbing are just a phone call away. Our Leak Detection professionals will find and repair water pipe leaks in no time.

Tank vs Tankless:


Cold water is heated and stored in a tank, ready to use anytime. Consists of a steel storage tank that holds 113 to 378 liters and a gas burner.

How it works:

  • Cold water is drawn into the bottom of the tank where it’s quickly heated by a gas burner. Heated water is stored in the tank and reheated until needed.
  • The tank thermostat controls the water temperature sent to your taps.


Recovers hot water about two times faster than a same-size electric tank.


On demand, or tankless, water heaters “fire” only when you need it rather than storing it at constant heat. They can be your home’s only source of water heat, or you can add them to your traditional heating system.

How it works:

  • When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe through the water heater unit and is rapidly heated to the desired temperature.
  • When the tap is turned off, the system shuts down and uses no energy.


  • Efficiency rate of 80 per cent or higher. Pay only when you use hot water, usually two hours a day, instead of heating a tank of hot water all day.
  • Space-saver since there is no storage tank. Wall-mounted units are small and can be hung on almost any wall, including close to the point of use.
  • Endless supply of hot water.

What Causes A Leaky Hot Water Tank?

Drain Valve

One of the most common reasons for a water heater to leak is a loose drain valve. The drain valve will slowly leak water if it becomes loose. It is easy to stop a leaking drain valve by tightening it up with a wrench. Just be careful not to over tighten the drain valve. Tighten it until it is snug, but do not force it.

Old Tank

Hot water heaters are designed to last for many years. As they approach the end of their life cycles, rusting and corrosion start to take their toll. When the corrosion gets bad enough, it can start to allow the water from the tank to leak out. When this happens, it is a definite sign that the hot water heater needs to be replaced. Failure to do so will eventually lead to a complete failure of the tank that will cause horrible flooding in the house.

Too Much Pressure

Another common reason for a water heater to start leaking is when the tank builds up too much pressure inside. When this happens, the excess pressure will force the water to leak out of the tank to reduce the pressure. This most commonly occurs because the temperature on the hot water heater is set too high.

Another thing that can lead to excess water pressure is if the exterior water supply to a house comes in at too high a pressure. A defective temperature pressure relief valve can also lead to an excess buildup of pressure in a hot water heater.

Why Choose Butler Plumbing to Replace Your Leaky Hot Water Tank?

Whether we’re coming to your house for a water tanks repair or simply to replace a water heater, we’re bringing our expertise, knowledge, certifications and customer service with us. All plumbers and gas fitters are fully certified, licensed professionals who know how to get the job done the way you need it.

The right thing to do is to immediately get it replaced. When it comes to replacing your water tank, you need reliable service and trusted professionals to get the job done right. With Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating you get both. Our Installation Services professionals are authorized and insured – and we’ll skillfully disconnect the old unit and replace it with a new hot water tank.

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