Highly Experienced Sewer Cleaning Experts in Edmonton

At Butler Plumbing, we have a team of highly experienced drain cleaning experts. For over 30 years, we have specialized in solving the most difficult clogs! As Edmonton’s best kept secret, we offer all the latest technologies in drain cleaning and repair. If it’s out there, we can do it. Don’t trust just anyone with your plumbing system. It has to be done fast and it has to be done right.

The typical homeowner experiences many plumbing issues. Most often, it is a clogged sink, slow shower drain, or similar. It takes an experienced team of local plumbing experts to continue providing fast, affordable service for your problems.

Our expert plumbers at Butler Plumbing have the proper equipment and expertise to solve any other clogged drain issue you may have as well. We’ll do it fast, efficiently and leave the work area as clean as we found it!Contact us today to get your drain issues unclogged!

What is Sewer and Drain Cleaning?

There are many choices in drain cleaning, but what is it exactly? Drain cleaning is a necessary part of plumbing maintenance.

Over time, oils and grime start building up in drain lines, causing water to back up. Because it has nowhere to go, you likely need cleaning inside of the sewer line to pave the way for proper drainage.

The solution is often choosing a local drain cleaning company to clear out obstructions, either manually with plumbing snakes or with high-pressure jetting for sewer lines. And while you may think your lines are clear, the blockages likely haven’t grown large enough to stop drains.

Drain cleaning is likely a service you’ll eventually need, no matter how recently your home had gotten built. Otherwise, you could have contaminated water coming back in through all your fixtures, creating a nightmare scenario all homeowners would want to avoid.Are your drains backed up? Contact Butler Plumbing today!

Sewer Cleaning Services

A slow or clogged drain is always either an ongoing inconvenience or a potential source of flood. All it takes is one call to Butler Plumbing to restore the rapid flow of sewage and waste water away from your home or office. When your drains are clogged, you need help from a trusted professional plumber.

Our team at Butler Plumbing is experienced in identifying and resolving any drain problem including:

We also perform drain cleaning, drain repair and drain replacement on:

We have several services to inspect, open and clean your drain and sewer pipes, returning them as closely as possible to their original capacity. We can open any clogged drain.Regular inspections are needed. Contact Butler Plumbing today!

Why Should You Choose Butler Plumbing?

Your drains are one of the hardest working features in your home. They work around the clock to make sure that you can enjoy the basic amenities modern plumbing has to offer. However, when one of them become clogged, it can bring your daily routine to a halt. With help from our expert plumbers in Edmonton, you can make sure you never miss a beat. At Butler Plumbing, we offer fast, reliable drain cleaning services to help you focus on what really matters.

Choosing a professional plumbing service, on the other hand, means a safer, more natural approach to cleaning out clogged drains. That means that you get prolonged use from all your plumbing system components so you have no need for expensive replacement services. Professional drain cleaning isn’t just the best solution for more clogged items; it’s also the safer approach more residents prefer. When plungers, snakes, and chemical treatments aren’t enough to clear them, you’ll want to call in a professional plumbing service for better results.

At Butler Plumbing, we are serious about your plumbing health. We provide fast, reliable drain cleaning services in the Edmonton area so that you can get on with your life. Additionally, we utilize cutting edge methods and video technology to provide the most comprehensive services available.