Professional Water Leak Detection Services

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Water Leak Detection

If you have an obvious water leak coming from a toilet or under a sink, dealing with it is a pretty simple process: notice the leak, call a plumber to fix it, done. But what about leaks that you can’t see? Sometimes leaks located behind walls or beneath concrete slabs cause a lot of damage before they are ever discovered. Finding underground water leaks and otherwise invisible leaks is a snap for Butler’s team of home leak experts.

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Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

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While you cannot always tell if there is a hidden leak in your home, sometimes there are signs that indicate it. If you notice any of the following, call a water leak detection company right away.

Home Leak Detection Services

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Butler’s team of experienced plumbing professionals has a variety of ways to detect a leak that isn’t easily observable, including using video water leak inspection equipment where we send fibre-optic cable mounted cameras down your pipes or into wall cavities to determine if there is a leak and where exactly it is located. Once we pinpoint the location of the leak, we either repair or replace the pipe as necessary.

Install a Smart Leak Detector

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To prevent future leaks from going undetected, consider installing a smart leak detector such as Flo by Moen. The Flo water leak detection system is app-controlled, so you can use it from anywhere in the world to monitor your home water usage. This smart device detects leaks everywhere in your home and will automatically shut off water if a major leak occurs in order to prevent water damage in your home.

For all home water leak detection services, including installing leak finders, pipe leak detection, and slab leak repair, contact Butler today.