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Should I Hire a Plumber to Install My Dishwasher?

Short answer: yes. 

Dishwasher hookup is a tricky, technical business. It is always recommended that you hire a professional plumber for the job. Dishwasher installation must be done properly by someone with the appropriate expertise, ensuring that it is up to code. Improper installation can easily result in your dishwasher not working, leaking, and causing severe water damage to your home. 

Hiring a professional to install your dishwasher will also save you from having to pay for costly repairs in the future.

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Dishwasher Plumbers in Edmonton

Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gasfitting has been providing Edmonton and the surrounding area with quality service since 2005. In all that time, we’ve done pretty much every type of dishwasher installation in Edmonton. You can trust our dedicated professionals to ensure your dishwasher is up to code and functioning at its best.

Dishwasher Installation In Edmonton

Types of Dishwashers We Install

At Butler Plumbing and Heating, our technicians have extensive experience with the following:

Dishwasher Installation Cost

Depending on the make and model of your new dishwasher and the setup of your kitchen, the cost of having your dishwasher installed will vary. Give our technicians a call and tell us the details of your installation job to get an accurate estimate of what it will cost.

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