No Hot Water? Tackling The Lack Of Hot Water With Expert Water Heater Repair Services In Edmonton AB

We generally take hot water in our taps for granted. That is, until it stops flowing. We expect it to be available as and when we need it. But all hell breaks loose the second we realize there is no hot water. It can be frustrating to run out of hot water when there’s cleaning and washing to be done. 

The satisfaction of steaming showers aside – hot water is a basic necessity for Edmonton homes. While cold water is the only alternative, it doesn’t quite do the trick. Not to mention, cold water isn’t exactly ideal during the winter, especially in Edmonton. 

Nobody should have to deal with having no hot water in winter. In addition to the initial shock of the ice-cold water on your skin, you might also start to worry about your water heater’s energy efficiency or the possibility of a gas leak inside the house. 

We won’t let that happen. At Butler Plumbing, we offer our clients top-quality water heater repair services at unbeatable rates across Edmonton, AB.

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Where Does the Hot Water Go?

There could be several possibilities as to why there is no hot water in your house. If you have a gas or electric water heater, there is a strong likelihood that something has malfunctioned. It could also be a leaking tank. It’s a good idea to call our plumbers to pinpoint the issue once and for all.

For a water heater to do its job correctly, there has to be water in your tank. No hot water in your tank could be a sign of leakage. You can troubleshoot by having our experts here at Butler Plumbing carry out an extensive inspection of the appliance’s connections, valves, and all the pipes in between. 

At Butler Plumbing, we understand that every house and building is unique and requires different hot water heater installation methods. Therefore, it has to be maintained in different ways.  

If you are experiencing no hot water in your faucets, chances are that your electric water heater needs immediate attention. You can rely on a plumbing company with over forty years of experience to check it out for you. It’s time to give us a call. 

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How to Solve the Issue of No Hot Water Flow in Your Home

No hot water in your tap is not only an inconvenience but could be a sign that something significant is wrong with your water systems. However, you should take a look to make sure your valve is turned in the right direction. In some cases, many people simply forget to open the suitable valve. If this is not the case with you, then there are other possibilities to explore.

Is there no hot water in your tap or sink? Or is the water just not as hot as it should be?

Suppose you’re experiencing lukewarm showers with minimal pressure. In that case, there is a chance that your water heater could have a broken dip tube, or perhaps there is sediment build up in your tank, hindering the pressure of water to your taps. This results in lukewarm water at low pressure. 

If your water heater is old, hire the professionals at Butler Plumbing, Heating, and Gasfitting. We use a streamlined flushing process to completely clear the sediment out of your tank and restore the optimum hot water pressure. That is all it takes for us to give you the ability to have steaming hot showers in winter once more. 

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Troubleshooting Electric Water Heater Problems

Many homes have an electric water heater. But heating water requires a lot of electricity, and electric water heaters are highly susceptible to power outages, not to mention the high operating costs. The biggest issue with an electric water heater is maintaining the optimal water temperature. But if there is absolutely no hot water in the tap or inadequate hot water at best, your heater needs a thorough checkup.

The way to go about troubleshooting this is by first ruling out the possible problems. But not all of us have the proper knowledge of how plumbing and water heating systems work. The best decision, in this case, is to contact Butler Plumbing and have our experts look at it. Sometimes that’s all it takes for us to identify and fix the issue. 

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No hot water in your tank? Is your boiler working, but there’s no hot water?

You’ll never have to worry about such issues ever again because you’ve got us. Butler Plumbing makes use of advanced tools to not only fix but increase the lifespan of our client’s plumbing systems.

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