Gas BBQ Installation

Do I Need A Gas Line?

It seems as though summer has come to Edmonton early this year! With the onset of the warmer weather, you and your family are sure to be spending more time outside. Do you have a propane barbecue or a gas barbecue?

Gas Barbecues vs Propane

As the sun comes out more often, you’re likely to spend more time outside.  One of the best ways to soak up the summer sun is to host some barbecues in your garden.

Just imagine it, you come home from work on a beautiful Thursday evening, the sun is shining and the sky is clear.  You have a few sausages in the fridge that are just asking to be cooked.  This calls for a mid-week barbecue!

There’s just one problem – you’re out of propane!

A switch to an outdoor gas line could help if you’re someone that uses a lot of propane tanks.  You will always have gas ready for spontaneous barbecues and the gas supplied from your main gas line is around 1/6th of the cost of propane tanks.

Those savings will certainly add up over time and make your decision to upgrade to an outdoor gas line a very smart one.

Gas Barbecue

With this warmer weather come BBQ season! If you BBQ a lot, and are continually going through propane tanks, installing a gas line to your grill might be the perfect solution.

There are many benefits to having an outdoor gas line installed. Outdoor gas lines are great for those who want to BBQ a lot. Depending on your home, gas lines can run from your furnace room through your basement ceiling and out onto your patio. Alternatively, if an indoor gas line cannot be installed at your meter, we can run one along the foundation of your home.

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If you already have an outdoor gas line installed, it’s always good practice to have it checked out before you turn everything on. Routine maintenance ensures that your system is always running efficiently and properly. Routine maintenance can also help to discover potential issues before they become larger problems.

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