Preventing Low Hot Water Pressure With Expert Plumbing Services in Edmonton, AB

Preventing Low Hot Water Pressure in Your House

Low hot water pressure in the kitchen faucet or another fixture could be because you didn’t turn the valve all the way on. If you’ve already checked and this isn’t the case, you probably have a supply line blockage.

However, low hot water pressure in your whole house may indicate a more severe plumbing problem, such as sediment build-up or deteriorated parts in your hot water tank. This is usually a problem when there’s hard water in the supply line that leaves minerals to settle on the floor of your tank or a build-up of dip tube choking the outlet pipe

Our expert services extend your water heater’s life by preventing it from bursting due to increasing sediment. You’ll also experience lower operational costs and energy bills.

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Low water pressure in your house

Troubleshooting Low Hot Water Pressure Upstairs

If you’re experiencing low hot water pressure upstairs in your house, this could be caused by sediment build-up or a leak. However, you should check the water valve first to ensure it’s turned all the way on.

Leaks in your piping system—no matter where they are—can cause pressure to drop. Ruptured or cracked pipes prevent water from entering the faucet and making its way to you. 

If you’re only experiencing low hot water pressure in the shower and tub, it could be due to the shower head’s flow restrictors. You can take these off to improve water flow.

We use advanced video equipment to check your pipes for leaks and fix them. Our professional, trained plumbers determine the source of the problem causing low hot water pressure and suggest practical ways to eliminate it.

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Eliminating Low Hot Water Pressure for New Faucets

Old faucets experience low hot water pressure due to scales and sediment build-up that clogs the pipe. However, there are times when a new faucet just doesn’t give you the pressure you want.

Your new faucet may be experiencing low water pressure due to a clogged cartridge or a blocked aerator. These problems occur for every type of faucet there is—from pull-out faucets to touchless ones.

The aerator is a small mesh screen at the end of your faucet that breaks up water flow into many small streams and adds air to them. Sometimes, small particles and minerals from the water can clog the aerator.

You can replace the aerator and check for water flow. If that doesn’t do the trick, the pipe leading to the faucet may be clogged by mineral build-up or metallic corrosion.

Our licensed plumbers at Butler Plumbing, Heating, and Gasfitting suggest solutions based on the issue found. If your pipe has rusted beyond repair, you may need to get a section of it replaced. Our advanced services enable us to unclog any pipe, thereby saving you the money and effort it takes to replace a burst section.

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