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Your furnace, in many ways, is the heart of your home. It keeps you and your family warm and creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere (which is particularly important in Sherwood Park, where our winters are harsh, cold, and long). The furnace is a major part of what makes your home feel homey!

Butler Plumbing, Heating, and Gasfitting is a member of the Canadian Hydronics Council and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta, which means that our technicians are always up to date with the latest innovations and industry standards. Our technicians are all fully certified, insured, and have a great deal of experience. 

DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips

There are a few things you can do at home to help keep your furnace running smoothly. If you encounter a problem with the way your furnace is working, try these steps on your own first. If your furnace problem persists, call the technicians at Butler. We have extensive experience with furnace repairs and will be able to identify the problem and fix it efficiently.

Try these first:

Replace the furnace filter

Make sure you’re replacing your furnace filter regularly. This is simply to do yourself at home, simply the instructions for your specific filters. 

Check your thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is at the proper setting. Try changing the batteries in the thermostat if it is not working properly.

Try relighting your pilot light

Sometimes this is all you need to do in order to fix the problem. If the pilot light goes out again shortly after you relight it, that is a sign that it is time to call in a professional heating technician.

Furnace Replacement and Repair Sherwood Park AB

If you have already tried the suggestions above and your furnace still is not working properly, it is time to hire a professional to come in and repair your furnace. Our technicians have the experience and skills required to quickly identify the problem with your problem and let you know what will be required to fix it. If the problem is more severe, we can help you find the right model of furnace to replace your old one.

Need furnace cleaning, Sherwood Park?

We do that too!

We have plenty of experience repairing a variety of furnaces, including:

Here is a quick overview of the most common types of furnace.

Single Stage Furnace

This is the least efficient but most affordable type of furnace. The gas flame is either set to on or off with this type of furnace. The furnace world by sending warm air to heat your home when the temperature drops below a certain level. Once the temperature reaches your chosen level of warmth, the thermostat shuts down the heat and the cycle restarts.

Variable or Modulating Furnace

This is the most energy efficient style of furnace. Variable furnaces automatically make continual minor adjustments to the heat, creating the most consistent and comfortable heat levels throughout your home.

Combi Furnace

A combi furnace is a combination of a hot water heater and a furnace that works to both heat your home and provide the hot water for your home. These are very compact and work great for smaller homes.

When it comes to repairing a malfunctioning furnace, Sherwood Park residents know that they can trust Butler.

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