Natural Gas or Propane? What to Choose for a Better Barbeque

kebabs grilling on a barbeque with hand holding a glass of wine.

Summer is coming, and you know what that means–it’s time to bring out the barbeque and get grilling! Whether you are having a quiet backyard barbeque with your family or a big neighbourhood cookout, there is no better way to bring people together than by gathering for a meal outdoors.

The heart of summer entertaining is the barbeque, so it’s important to choose the best equipment and fuel for your lifestyle. We recommend natural gas over propane because of several factors that all come together to create a better barbeque experience.

What’s the Difference?

So, what’s the difference between propane and natural gas? They are made up of different elements and produced using different techniques. Natural gas is extracted from the ground and is primarily composed of methane, but can also contain butane, ethane, and pentane.  Propane is produced by the pressurization of isobutane, propane gas, and butane to liquefy it.

Environmental Impact

Our treatment of the environment is important now more than ever, so anything you can do to reduce your environmental impact makes a difference. Natural gas is the earth-friendly fuel option because it is cleaner than propane when burned, leaving the air fresher, and healthier for you and the environment. This also means that there is less exhaust which can negatively influence the taste of your food (not to mention the atmosphere of your get-together!).

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Natural gas is more cost-effective than propane, so you will spend less money on barbeque fuel, which means that you can spend more on your favorite steaks! You will need to pay an initial fee to get your natural gas hooked up, but in the long run you will save more money than you would using propane.

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Never Run Out of Fuel

Have you ever been all ready to fire up the barbeque—or maybe even started cooking your dinner—only to realize at the last minute that you’re out of fuel? Now you have to make another trip to the store and delay your dinner (hangry, anyone?). Unlike propane, when you use natural gas you never have to worry about running out of fuel because your line is always on and ready to go.

Simple, Reliable Cooking

One of the challenges of barbequing can be cooking everything evenly because the heat is often inconsistent. Natural gas barbecues will distribute heat more evenly than propane while you’re grilling, which will make it easier to cook your food exactly the way you like it.

steaks and asparagus cooking on a grill

There you have it! Natural gas is a clean, dependable fuel that can really bring your next backyard barbeque to the next level.

Want to get natural gas hooked up in time for your first summer barbeque?

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