Water Heater Maintenance Guide

How’s your water heater doing? If you have no idea, you’re not alone–many homeowners don’t give their water heaters a second thought unless they are malfunctioning. However, if you follow this simple water heater maintenance guide, you can keep your system running smoothly and catch problems before they become severe.

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Perform Regular Inspections

Every 6 months or so, do a DIY visual inspection of your water heater. Look for any signs of damage, such as rust, discolouration, and cracking. Check for signs of leaks as well, including condensation and wet spots underneath the water heater. Getting in the habit of doing regular inspections will help you catch any problems quickly, before they become bigger issues. It also means you’ll get to know what your water heater looks like better, so you won’t find yourself scratching your head and asking “has it always been like this?”


Flush it Out Annually

Over time, sediment builds up inside your hot water tank, which can cause blockages and other problems if left unchecked. To help prevent excess sediment buildup, flush out your hot water tank at least once a year. To do this, attach a garden hose to your tank and drain the tank completely, then flush it with fresh water until the water coming out runs clean.

Note that if you have a tankless water heater, you do not need to flush it out. This is because tankless water heaters do not store water for lengthy periods of time, so sediment doesn’t have a chance to settle and build up in the same way that it does in a tank.


Have the Anode Rod Replaced Every 3–5 Years

All hot water tanks have an anode rod, which is a part that prevents corrosion on the inside of the tank. However, the anode rod itself will corrode over time and is designed to be replaced every 3–5 years. Make sure that you are checking your anode rod and having it replaced as needed in order to keep your system running properly. 

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