What to Do When a Toilet Starts Overflowing

Don’t Double Flush

When the water in the toilet is rising ominously, many people’s first thought is to flush it again in the hopes that the water will go away, but you should resist the urge to double flush. When a toilet is overflowing, it is because there is a blockage that is stopping the water from moving through the drain in the toilet, which means that flushing again will only create more overflowing water for you to deal with.


Turn the Water off

Turn the water supply to your toilet off as quickly as possible. There should be a valve located near your toilet that you can turn to shut the water off. This will prevent any more water from filling up your toilet bowl and causing even more overflow.


Plunge the Drain

Get out your trusty plunger and see if you can unclog the drain. If the water level in your toilet bowl is right up to the rim, first put on some rubber gloves and use a bucket to scoop out some of the water. Otherwise, when you plunge you will likely spill water on the floor and make a big(ger) mess. 

Once you’ve gotten your water level down lower, place the plunger into the toilet bowl so that it forms a tight seal around the drain, then push the plunger up and down vigorously for about 20 seconds, keeping the handle vertical. This should force air and water through the drain and loosen the clog.


Call the Professionals

If plunging doesn’t get your toilet drain flowing again, that means it’s time to call in the big guns. Call a plumber to clean out your drain. They will be able to use a drain snake or hydro jet to clear out the blockage and leave your drain as good as new.

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