Avoid Storing Flammable Liquids Near Your Hot Water Heater, Furnace or Other Gas Equipment

Take Care When Handling Flammable Liquids

You tend to collect a variety of solvents, adhesives and liquids used for home projects and general maintenance. The problem is, where do you store everything?

Make sure that flammable liquids, solvents or adhesives aren’t placed anywhere near your furnace, water heater, or other equipment that’s gas-operated. Fumes can escape and cause a potential fire, even if it’s perfectly sealed.

If a product isn’t flammable, we still recommend that you avoid storing them anywhere near gas-operated equipment. For example, a corrosive chemical can cause damage to pipes and increase the chance of a gas leak.

If possible, store these products somewhere safe where nothing can react with them. The garage is typically a good place, but outdoor sheds or secure lockers can also work. If you don’t have access to safe storage, call your local counsel. They may have a safe disposal program you can use!

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