Do You Do This? Common Shower Habits That Damage Plumbing

Are you guilty of these common shower habits that cause plumbing damage? Many people do all of these and have no idea that they are bad for their plumbing. Read on to find out how to avoid these habits and keep your plumbing running smoothly.


Letting Hair Wash Down the Drain

One of the biggest causes of shower drain issues is clogging due to hair. The fact is, some hair is always going to make its way down your shower drain, you simply can’t stop it all, but you can limit the amount of hair that ends up in your pipes with a couple of very simple steps. The best thing that you can do is to get an inexpensive drain strainer and pop it into your shower drain whenever you use it. The strainer will catch hair before it goes down the drain, and you can easily empty it out into the trash after your shower. Another useful tip is to get in the habit of brushing your hair before you get in the shower. This way, loose hairs will be collected in your hairbrush and fewer hairs will wash out in the shower.


Ignoring Limescale

What do you do when you notice limescale on your showerhead or tub faucet? If your instinct is just to ignore it, you’re not alone but you are hurting your plumbing. Limescale is the white, flakey buildup that is left behind by mineral residue in hard water. In addition to looking unappealing, limescale can block up faucets and showerheads, resulting in lowered water pressure and clogging. To avoid these problems, use vinegar to clean the limescale as soon as you notice it.


Leaving Puddles on the Floor

We get it, you just got out of the shower, you dripped water on the floor, it’s easy to just forget about cleaning it up. But leaving water on the bathroom floor contributes to the growth of mold and mildew, plus it makes it harder to notice leaks when you are used to there being water on the floor. Make it a habit to towel up any excess water that you leave on the bathroom floor after your shower.


Using Coconut Oil

If you use coconut oil on your body or hair, don’t apply it while in the shower. Coconut oil solidifies when cool, so once it washes down the drain and cools off it will harden and cause blockages in your pipes. Instead, apply it after you’ve finished and have stepped out of the shower stall.

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