Repair it vs Replace it

Repairs Can Be Intimidating

When it comes to repairs around your home, even the simple, quick fixes can easily become frightening. Not only does it put you in a negative mood, it also triggers the fear of a costly bill. Being able to differentiate when something needs to be replaced, and when you can have it repaired, makes a tremendous difference.  At Butler Plumbing, our technicians are dependable, upfront and honest. We’re here the help guide you through repairs, or replacements and take your worries away.

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When we meet our customers, a common question that we get asked is if it’s more sensible to replace or repair. Repairing the damage is an easier fix than having to replace your system. We have made a little guideline of things you should be assessing when deciding which direction to take in deciding whether to replace or repair.

How Often Do I Have a Problem With It?

One single leak here and there isn’t much of a problem. However, seven, eight, or even nine leaks a year could become a real problem that just can’t be ignored. Be sure you track the number of repairs, as well as related issues you have had to conduct due to this leak.

Three common repair tools used in plumbing

Plumbing pipes can clog frequently; they can also leak or even become corroded. However, toilets can clog even more often than pipes. This could be a sign of low-flow design, meaning that it lacks the necessary pressure to clear the internal trap and drain.  Shower heads can discolor the water they discharge or even not work at all after you’ve cleaned them. Water heaters can unfortunately heat unevenly, leak, and even start to overheat. Before beginning any sort of work, figuring out a solution is much easier once you identify the problem.

Are The Materials Outdated?

If you need to take a long pause to think about this one, or if your immediate answer is yes, then your next step is obvious.  Not only can old pipes be unreliable, but they can also be unsafe for your family and their health. Pipes that were installed in the 1980’s or earlier could quite possibly contain traces of lead components, potentially causing lead poisoning. It is best to know what your pipes are made out of before you choose to make any other decisions.

A basement with pipes in need of repair

How Much Longer Will It Last?

Being able to determine which route fits best, in terms of your damages, could make all the difference in the long run. But the real question follows: how long will these repairs last? It’s worth figuring out how much longer your repairs will hold up. You should be asking yourself questions like:

  1. When did you have it installed?
  2. When was the home built?
  3. How often do we use this product?

Knowing the age of the parts you are having problems with could assist you a great deal with getting an idea of what kind of a problem you’re dealing with. Replacing isn’t always the ideal route to take, and we don’t suggest it. If you have gone through several repairs, then the answer becomes clear as a bell.  It comes down to a few simple questions:

  1. How much time will you get out of repairing this appliance?
  2. What will happen the next time this fixture has a problem?

How Much Are You Really Saving On Damage Repairs?

This is the natural thought that crosses our mind when we need repairs. Will repairs last long enough to justify the cost? Will I live here long enough to have to eventually replace it again? When and if that time comes, will you regret spending the money on repairs rather than replacement?

A man considering whether or not to undergo costly repairs to his home

It’s virtually impossible to see into the future, to know the outcome of a situation. This is where you’ll have to make an educated guess to assess the situation at hand. If your fixture has a minor problem and is relatively new, a repair is probably the right solution for you. If you’re in your “forever” home, then replacement is often the way to go.

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