4 Reasons to Get Your Pipes Inspected

Here are the top reasons to have your pipes inspected annually.


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Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Having your pipes inspected on a regular basis (once a year) helps prevent major plumbing problems because your plumber will find them before they get worse. For example, if you have your pipes inspected, the plumber will find hairline cracks in the pipe and recommend repairing or replacing them as needed, whereas if left unnoticed, those tiny cracks in your pipes will get bigger over time and might result in a burst pipe, a ton of water damage, and a huge repair bill.


Ensure Efficient Running

Having your pipes inspected will ensure that your plumbing system is running as efficiently as possible. During inspection, your plumber will identify any clogs or other trouble areas that are hindering the efficiency of your system and address them. This means that your monthly bills will stay lower because your plumbing system is not forced to work harder to overcome blockages and other issues.


Find Hidden Leaks

If there is a hidden leak in a pipe located behind a wall, it could cause a lot of water damage (not to mention mold and mildew growth) before you even know it’s there. If you are in the habit of having your pipes inspected by a plumber periodically, they will catch any hidden leaks before they get worse and cause serious damage. 


Cleaner, Safer Water

Rust from pipes, mildew, and even mold can make its way into your water if your pipes haven’t been checked out in a while. Having your pipes inspected ensures that your plumbing system is safe and is providing you with the cleanest drinking water possible.

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