If you notice any of these telltale signs around your home, don’t ignore them. Call a plumber right away.

Unpleasant Odour

Every drain has a trap that acts as a barrier to prevent sewer gases from coming up the drain, and every trap has a vent that channels sewer gases away from the drain. If you notice an unpleasant sewer smell coming from any of the drains in your home, you probably have either a dry trap or a cracked vent. A dry trap is usually an easy fix, but a cracked vent is more complicated and may require the removal of drywall to access.

Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint in your house is a sign of moisture where there shouldn’t be moisture, which is usually a sign of a major plumbing problem that needs to be addressed. If you notice bubbling paint on your ceiling or walls, you may leak into your plumbing system. 

Loose, Wobbling Toilet

Sometimes a wobbly toilet is just an indicator that you need to tighten the seat, but if you find that your toilet is wobbling from the base, call a plumber right away. A toilet that is wobbling from the base is often a sign that you have a leak under your floor that has caused the floor’s surface to become uneven.

Pipe Discolouration

If a pipe looks rusty, it probably is rusty. If you see discoloration of any kind on your pipes, especially on or near joints, this usually means there is moisture present. The moisture could be coming from a slow leak in your supply line, a leak in the joint itself, or a dripping drain.If you notice any discoloration on exposed pipes in your home, have a plumber inspect your system to determine the source of the moisture.

Unexplained Water Sounds

If you are hearing water running through your pipes when nobody is running the water in your home, you probably have a sneaky leak somewhere in your system. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the leak is located, so always hire an experienced plumber to inspect and identify exactly where the water is coming from.

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