At-Home Plumbing Health Checkup

Now is a great time of year to do a thorough at-home plumbing inspection to determine whether there is anything that needs attention before the issue gets worse and causes damage. Follow these steps to give your home plumbing a checkup and diagnose any problems.


Test the Taps

Test out all of the taps in your home (including any outdoor spigots) and check that they’re working, have appropriate water pressure, are reaching the right temperature when you turn on the hot water, etc. Also note whether your taps are making any odd noises or are sputtering, as this could indicate a problem. If anything seems off, look into it further–perhaps there is limescale buildup and the tap needs a good cleaning–or call a professional to check it out.

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Inspect Drains

To check your drains, fill up your sinks and bathtubs with water, then unplug the drains and see whether they are draining at a normal pace or seem slow. Also pay attention as to whether any strange odours appear. If you have a slow drain or a bad odour, these are both indications that you have a blockage. Try clearing it out with a plunger or, if that doesn’t do the job, book a professional drain cleaning.

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Check Exposed Pipes

Inspect any exposed pipes in your home and check for signs of corrosion, damage, and leaks. Pay special attention to the joints as this is the most common problem spot for pipes. If you have insulated your pipes, make sure that the insulation material is dry, intact, and securely in place.


Test Shutoff Valves

This is as much a test for you as it is for your shutoff valves. Check that you know where your water shutoff valves are and that you know how to turn them off and on, as well as checking that they work properly. 


Inspect the Water Heater

Do a visual inspection of your water heater to check for rust, condensation, leaks, and any other signs of damage. If you notice a problem, call a professional in for repairs sooner rather than later, before a little problem turns into major damage.

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