What to Do When a Pipe Bursts

So a pipe burst in your home. Now what are you supposed to do? It can be overwhelming when a pipe suddenly starts gushing water, but if you keep your cool and follow these steps, you can reduce the damage (not to mention the stress) of a burst pipe.

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Turn off the Water

As soon as a pipe bursts, the first thing you should do is shut off your water as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of water damage to your home. Make sure that you know where your home water shutoff is located and how to use it before a plumbing emergency strikes. If accessing your water shutoff requires any specific tools, such as a wrench or screwdriver, store them nearby. This way you’ll be able to get the water turned off in a hurry.


Open Your Faucet

Once your water is shut off, open any faucets connected to the burst pipe. This relieves whatever excess water pressure that may be in the pipe. It also gets rid of any leftover water, so it comes out of the faucet instead of out of the break in the pipe.


Call a Plumber

Call an emergency plumber right away. At Butler Plumbing, Heating, & Gasfitting, we prioritize plumbing emergencies and will get a technician out to you as fast as possible so that you can get your pipe fixed and get back to your busy life. Call us anytime, 24/7, for emergency plumbing services.

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Clean Up

While you wait for your plumber to arrive, you can work on cleaning up what you can in order to reduce the amount of water damage. Set out a bucket if necessary, sop up water with towels and/or a mop, and set up a fan or space heater to help the area dry more quickly.

Whether you have a plumbing emergency on your hands or just need some simple repairs or maintenance, trust Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gasfitting.

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