Stay Warm and Save Money: Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill

How Can I Keep My Heating Costs Down?

With winter fast approaching, the idea of turning your heating on again is becoming very real.  Every year as the colder weather sets in many households struggle with the additional cost of heating their home. Many people feel that trying to keep your heating costs down is a hopeless cause but that’s simply not the case.

Here are our best tips for keeping your heating bill low without sacrificing comfort.

1.     Wear More Clothes

Consider keeping a jumper on whilst lounging around the house, and certainly keep your socks on – if your feet are cold, your whole body will feel cold.  By dressing slightly warmer around the house you delay when you have to eventually turn the heating on.

2.     Contact Us For An Annual Maintenance

Your boiler and furnace should get maintenance at least once a year.  A well-tuned boiler and furnace will run more efficiently, use less energy, and save you money over the long run. Contact us for an inspection today!

3.     Lower Your Thermostat

Turning your thermostat down by just a degree or two you can cut your heating costs by up to 5%.  When combined with our tip number 1 of wearing more clothes around the house, you won’t notice a difference – except in your wallet!

4.     Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to set your heating to come on and off only when you are at home.  Save you money by only heating your house when you need it.

5.     Keep Your Heat Inside

When your heating is turned on, make sure you’re keeping it inside.  Ensure your doors and windows are all closed, and if you have a wood-burning fireplace that you don’t use the flue is blocked off to stop heat from escaping through your chimney.

6.     Close the Curtains at Night

When the sun goes down it naturally gets colder.  By making sure you close your curtains, you add an extra layer of insulation between your home and the outside world helping to keep the precious heat in your house.

7.     Search for Air Leaks

Get a candle and hold the flame close to your windows and light fittings.  If you see the smoke moving in a horizontal direction you’ve found an air leak.  Air leaks drain your home of warmth and are an easy fix!  Filling the air leak with some caulking or some insulation material will fix the air leaks in no time.

8.     Use Fans

Putting ceiling fans on a low setting will force rising warm air back down to a lower level. This will prevent all of the warmest air from floating to the top of your home and not warming the lower areas where people are spending their time.

9.     Don’t Block Radiators

Make sure that your heat vents and radiators are not blocked by furniture or other obstacles. This allows the warm air to flow and circulate through your home more freely instead of getting trapped in one place.

10.     Shut Doors on Unused Rooms

If you have any rooms that you don’t need heated, such as guest rooms or other spaces that you do not use every day, keep the doors to those rooms closed so that your heat doesn’t travel into those areas. There’s no point in heating a room that you’re not going to use, and keeping the doors shut means you’ll use less heat to warm the parts of your home that you do use on a daily basis.

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