Keep Your Gas Meter and Appliance Vents Clear of Snow and Ice to Avoid Equipment Damage

Ice Covered Gas Meter

January is upon us and that means some of winter’s harshest weather is yet to come. This means it’s important to check for any snow or ice build-ups around your outdoor gas meters and appliance vents. Severe build-ups can damage your meter, causing disruptions to your heating service if blockages are not dealt with properly. More worrisome is the possibility of a carbon monoxide build-up inside of your home if ice is left blocking your appliance vents.

A few simple maintenance practices are all you need to keep your outdoor equipment clear of snow and ice. First, make sure to check you gas meter and appliance vents regularly for any ice or snow build-ups. It’s always a good idea to check after a storm. You should also check for any leaks in your eaves troughs, as water can drip onto the appliances below.

If you do see snow or ice beginning to build up gently clear it with a snow brush or broom. Never kick or use force to remove snow and ice, or you risk damaging your equipment.
Never use salt, melting chemicals or hot water in an attempt to remove ice. Again, this can lead to serious damage that is costly to repair.

Be very careful when you are shoveling or using a snow blower near your appliance vents and never pile snow in the areas surrounding your equipment.

If you are dealing with a build-up that cannot be removed gently with a brush or broom, be sure to call a professional plumbers at Butler Plumbing for assistance. You can reach us by phone at (780) 432-3947 or book an appointment here.