How to Pet Proof Your Plumbing

If you have furry friends, these tips will help make sure that your plumbing is safe for your pets–and safe from them, too.    

Use Pipe Covers

It’s a good idea to cover up exposed pipes, especially those that are located at ground level or low enough for your pup to access. Sometimes pets will decide to chew on pipes if they can get at them, which can result in damage to Fido’s teeth and to the pipes too. Use pipe covers to keep exposed pipes away from curious pets who like to chew. You can buy pipe covers from your local hardware store.

Use Drain Strainers

If you have a pet that you bathe in your bathtub or sink, make sure that you are using drain strainers. When you’re washing your dog or cat, odds are quite a lot of hair will come loose and head for the drain. If all that goes down the drain, you’re likely to have some clogging. Drain strainers are simple, inexpensive solutions that keep your drains healthy in the face of pet hair.  

Always Close the Toilet Lid

Always keep your toilet lids closed to prevent cats and dogs from taking a drink. Residual chemicals from toilet cleaners can stick around in toilet water, making it unsafe for pets to drink. Instead of letting your pets drink out of the toilet, make sure they always have full water bowls so that they can access water anytime they are thirsty.  

Don’t Flush Kitty Litter

Never flush kitty litter. There are some cat litters that advertise themselves as flushable, but you still shouldn’t flush them. These products can put the label of “flushable” on their brand because they do technically disintegrate, but they take a long time to break down in your pipes and can easily cause blockages in the meantime.    Got a clog, a puppy-chewed pipe, or any other plumbing problems? Call Butler today at 780-432-3947