How to Choose the Best Plumber for You

So, you need a plumber? Great, but how do you pick from the long list of plumbers in your area? It can be overwhelming and difficult to figure out which plumber to choose and, believe us, you don’t want to accidentally go with someone who isn’t right for the job. Here are some simple steps to take before deciding who to hire for your home plumbing maintenance.


Do Your Research

Do a little digging before you pick your plumber. Ask friends and family for recommendations, check the top-rated companies in your area, and go from there. This is a good way to get an initial list of your options.


Read Reviews

In addition to asking around for recommendations, take a look at online reviews for any plumbers you are considering. This gives you a good insight into what the customer experience is like with a given company and you will get an accurate idea of how satisfied (or unsatisfied) most people are after hiring the company.


Ask About Credentials and Insurance

Only hire a plumber who is fully certified and can provide proof of insurance. This ensures that your work is getting done by skilled professionals whose business is properly run. Any reputable plumber will happily show you proof of these credentials when you ask–if they don’t, pick someone else.


Look for Experience

Experience is very important when it comes to choosing a plumber. When you’ve done this job for long enough, you get experience with every kind of clog, leak, burst, and malfunction there is. Find out how long your prospective plumbers have been in the business and pick someone who has plenty of practical experience.

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