The Top 4 Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Know Where to Find the Water Main and How to Operate it

One of the most important things every homeowner should know–and many don’t–is where their home water shutoff is and how to use it. Make sure that you know where your water main shutoff is located and practice turning off your water to make sure you know how to do it. If you need any tools to access your water shutoff, keep them easily accessible nearby so that you can quickly grab your tools and shut off your water in the event of a plumbing emergency. Believe us, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary water damage.


Do Regular DIY Plumbing Inspections

Every six months or so, take the time to do a thorough DIY plumbing inspection. Take a close look at faucets, drains, and exposed pipes, noting visible signs of damage such as discolouration, rust, cracking, condensation, and leaks. If something looks off, don’t ignore it. Have a plumber check it out right away and deal with any minor issues before they become big problems.


Learn How to Easily Remove Limescale

Limescale is the flakey or chunky white buildup that accumulates over time on showerheads, faucets, and other fixtures. Limescale is the result of mineral deposits from hard water. You can get rid of limescale easily with a simple solution you probably already have in your kitchen: white vinegar. Spray vinegar onto the affected surface and allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then wipe it off. If you have a lot of limescale buildup, you might want to remove the affected fixture and soak it in a bowl of vinegar for about 5 minutes to remove more stubborn limescale.


Recognize When You Need a Professional

One of the best things you can know when it comes to plumbing (and life in general) is when you need a little help. Don’t try to DIY something that you’re not experienced and confident in–you’re likely to end up making more problems for yourself and have to hire a plumber to fix a bigger issue than you started with. Call in the professionals when you have a plumbing issue that you don’t know how to deal with yourself.

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