4 Reasons Your Water Bill has Gotten Higher

Has your water bill suddenly gotten more costly with no obvious explanation? One of these sneaky causes could be what’s costing you.

Running Toilets

Are your toilets running long after you’ve flushed them? It’s worse than just an annoying noise, it could also be costing you money. A constantly-running toilet is often a sign of a leak, which means that water is being wasted and your daily usage is going up. Don’t ignore a running toilet, have it fixed right away to avoid unnecessary water costs.

Hidden Leaks

Leaks are an obvious cause of a spike in water usage, but what if you don’t even know the leak is there? Leaky pipes underground or behind walls can be difficult to notice because they are so well hidden. Sometimes there may be signs, such as water staining or unusual noises coming from your pipes, but sometimes the first sign is a water bill that’s suddenly higher with no explanation. If you suspect that you may have a hidden leak somewhere, hire a plumber to inspect your pipes and identify the issue.

Old Hot Water Tank

As hot water tanks age, they become less efficient and prone to leaks. If your water bill has gone up recently and you have an older hot water tank, check the tank valves for signs of a leak. Even if you don’t see a puddle or a leak, condensation on the tank often indicates a small leak.

Water Softener Running on Overdrive

If you have recently installed or changed the settings on a water softener, this could be causing the spike in your water bill. Every time a water softener regenerates, the unit is flushed with fresh water. The more frequently your water softener regenerates, the more water it uses. Check the settings on your water softener and make sure that it isn’t regenerating more often than necessary.

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