Signs of Hidden Leaks in Your Plumbing System

The faster you deal with a plumbing leak, the fewer problems it will cause. But how are you supposed to find a hidden leak in your plumbing system? Here are the signs to watch for.


Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure has become lower with no obvious explanation, you may have a hidden leak in your system. If water is leaking out of your pipes somewhere along the way to your taps, less water will make it to the destination than usual, making for a lower flow.


Stained Walls or Ceilings

Notice any suspicious brown or greyish stains appearing on your ceilings or walls? If you find what looks like water stains in an area that, to your knowledge, has not been exposed to any water, that likely means that you have a water leak behind the wall. 


Unpleasant Odour

A leak will eventually cause a musty smell. If you smell something musty and don’t know where it’s coming from, the cause may be hidden mold or mildew developing from a leak somewhere in your system.


A Spiking Water Bill

If you notice a sudden spike in the cost of your water bill with no obvious explanation, this is an indication that you have a hidden leak somewhere in your system. The leak is causing more water usage and a higher bill, and will likely cause even more problems if left unchecked.

If you suspect that you might have a hidden leak somewhere in your plumbing system, call Butler Plumbing, Heating, & Gasfitting today at 780-432-3947 to book a plumbing inspection.

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