Furnace Room Tips

It’s the room that as a kid was always a little scary. And to most adults it can still cause anxiety to think about it. Not whether there is a monster lurking, but more so if my furnace and boiler are working. Here are some tips you can do to help make service on your appliances go smoothly.

First make sure you have enough light in the furnace room. If needed change burnt light bulbs and add extra lights if possible. Monsters hate lights.

Next, with the added light we can now see all the tripping hazards. Try to keep storage to a minimum in a mechanical room. Besides giving a plumber enough room to stretch into the various yoga positions that are required to remove your furnace motor, boxes and suitcases should never block air intakes. Also be aware of clearances to combustibles, which are found stamped on the appliances.

Last, labeling equipment, switches and valves is a good idea. It’s hard to remember which valve is the “main water shut off” if you last used it three years ago. I have had customers use an iPad to video a brief tour of the boiler room with me, pointing out important features. We would always be happy to help you out with your furnace repair.

If you do this today maybe you can stop the cycle and your kids won’t grow up scared of the furnace room.