The Truth About Flushable Products

You know all those handy products that say “flushable” on the label? Is it really such a good idea to flush them? Read on to find out.



There are plenty of sanitary wipes, baby wipes, and makeup remover wipes that are marked “flushable” on the package, so they’re fine to flush, right? Wrong. These products should actually be disposed of in the trash instead. These wipes are advertised as flushable because they do eventually break down, however they take much longer to do so than toilet paper and can easily get stuck in your pipes and cause blockages in the meantime.


Kitty Litter

There are a lot of kitty litter brands that advertise themselves as flushable in order to make the chores of pet ownership a little easier. So-called flushable cat litters are usually made of biodegradable ingredients like corn or wheat. However, just because it’s biodegradable does not mean it’s safe for your plumbing! Biodegradable or not, kitty litter clumps and that is likely to cause blockages in your pipes. Additionally, most newer toilets are designed to use less water, which means they do not use a high enough volume of water to wash something as sizable as clumps of litter through your pipes.


The Golden Rule of Flushing

When it comes to taking care of your pipes, the best rule to follow is, simply, don’t flush anything other than toilet paper and bodily waste. We know that it may be tempting because flushing certain products seems more convenient than other forms of disposal, but in the long term it will be considerably less inconvenient than dealing with major plumbing issues as a result of flushing something that could have been tossed in the wastebasket. 

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