Dryer Maintenance is Important to Prevent Lint Build Up

Make Sure Your Vents Are Lint Free

Dryer maintenance is super important for the health of any home. Routine maintenance will not only help your machine last longer, it will also make sure that your family and your home stay safe.

Part of keeping any drying machine performing is to check and clean out the built-in lint filter. A blocked up filter prevents hot air from leaving the dryer, thus affecting its overall performance. This is why some dryers take longer to get those clothes dry than others! It’s also worth mentioning that a clean lint filter can also extend the life of your drying machine and will save energy and money because it doesn’t have to work as hard or for as long.

When you have a tiny bit more time, it is a good idea to disconnect your dryer’s exhaust tube and vacuum out any lint that could have passed through the filter and into the vent.

To do this, simply disconnect the dryer exhaust from the machine and use your household vacuum cleaner to clear it out. While it is important to check your dryer’s lint filter every single time that you use the dryer, you only have to vacuum out the exhaust tube about four times a year.

This is also a great opportunity to vacuum your dryer screen filter compartment as well. Lastly, you’ll want to double check the exhaust hood outside and remove any lint if necessary. For those who do not know, the exhaust hood is the flap type opening on the exterior of your home that expels a warm, mountain fresh scent when the dryer is in operation!

If you are unsure about any of the steps listed above or have any questions about washing/drying machine maintenance, simply contact us and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.