Common Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common problems that homeowners run into. Here are some likely causes of water damage in your home and how to prevent them.


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Leaky Pipes

If you’ve got a leaky exposed pipe, you’ll probably notice the drip pretty quick (as long as you make sure to check your pipes regularly) and can have it repaired before it causes major damage. Hidden pipes located behind walls are common culprits of water damage because often people do not know that the pipes are leaking until the damage is already done. Watch for signs of a hidden leak such as an unexplained decrease in water pressure, a spike in your water bill, or staining.


Clogged Drains

If you have a stubborn clog blocking up your drain, you might find yourself with a backup that results in flooding and water damage. To prevent this, take good care of your drains by being mindful of what you wash down the sink or shower and deal with clogs right away instead of waiting for them to become more severe.


Poorly Maintained A/C

If your A/C unit isn’t maintained properly, condensation is likely to accumulate and drip out of the system into your home, which could cause water damage if left unchecked. Be sure to inspect your A/C for signs of condensation and dripping regularly and call a professional if you notice a problem.


Old Appliances

Old, failing appliances are a common cause of water damage, with washing machines being the most common culprit. Old washing machines have PVC or rubber supply lines, which can easily wear and rupture after years of use. When your appliances reach the end of their expected lifespan, upgrade to newer models to prevent water damage. 

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