Combi Boiler

What is a Combi Boiler?

Combi boilers are a dual-purpose option for heating your home while also providing hot water to your home. They eliminate the need for a separate water tank, and combine these two functions into one compact appliance, rather than two systems.


Boiler Systems vs. Forced-Air Heating Systems

Forced-air heating systems (furnaces) focus on heating and circulating the air around the home, whereas boiler systems distribute hot water through pipes and radiators. Using boiler heat will distribute heat evenly throughout the home, which avoids fluctuating temperatures throughout. Forced-air systems are slightly more likely to have more fluctuations as the furnace cycles on and off.


Types of Boiler Systems

Conventional  boilers were typically the most common type of boiler system up until a few years ago. A gas burner warms an exchanger which transfers heat to a large volume of water which is pumped through the boiler system once the thermostat is on.

Hi Efficient boilers can heat a smaller volume of water and due to this, they can take up much less space

than conventional boilers. These boilers are very well suited for infloor heating.

Combi boilers also take up less space than conventional systems. These act as both a boiler and a water heater. They draw cold water in and only heat when needed, therefore avoiding the need of a storage tank. Combi boilers can then distribute this hot water through the system to heat your home or provide your utilities with hot water.


Benefits of Using a Combi Boiler


Most combi boiler systems are manufactured with an efficiency rating of 90% or better. This will also assist with decreasing the amount you spend on your water and home heating.


Combi boilers are often the most affordable boiler type as they’re small and easier to install. There isn’t a tank to install, therefore less pipe work is involved. This allows you to save time and larger amounts of money on boiler installation.


Without the need of a storage tank, combi boilers remove the need of a larger storage space. They are very compact systems and can fit in a space as small as a closet. This is ideal for smaller homes with a lack of space.

Hot Water on Demand

These boilers only heat water on demand, therefore you’re only supplied with the water as you need it. Rather than storing that water in a hot water tank, the water simply cycles through as required and turns off when you turn off your tap.

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